Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Homemix Home DJ Twin Mixer with CDG

Ok so I'm not sure what this is meant to be but considering, what I judge as a standard industry deck, cost 3 times than this entire set-up, it's not going to be good.
First thing that told me this, it's sold in Argos. Now Argos do have some good musical products but this is...well.
The thing I'm getting at here is, not that the product isn't worth it's price tag, but more the name tag. I would put this anywhere near a DJ set up, maybe a Karaoke set-up.

Here's what it comes with:
  • Continuous loop facility with CD music.
  • Program play on CD.
  • 2 channel DJ mixer.
  • Inputs for 1 aux line in and 1 aux out.
  • 2 microphone inputs, 1 with echo control.
All for a price of £139.89.

The main reason for this review rant is that if some parent buys this for the kid who wants to be a DJ, there going to be very disheartened by the fact that will never mix a track on this. DJ equipment is specialised, there is no cheap alternative to perform the required action.

I still might buy one and give it a try though ;) 


  1. meh, let the haters hate. Good stuff.

  2. Reminds me of my first "DJ Set." Was a good hook to get me to buy it. Ended up having to buy a crap load of other things anyway.

  3. I wasn't sure if I wanted one but between this and a cheap synth I'll get this for now.

  4. cant agree more with you, those kids ruin everyting

  5. what happened to just using winamp to dj?

  6. I hate when things are ridiculous prices for no real purpose..

  7. Is not so expensive, besides, if you know how to use it, you can recover that money that you waste on it, by playing at parties, I'd like to be a DJ, =)

  8. A set of decks for under 150? pff

  9. "what happened to just using winamp to dj?" Exactly. What about software solutions?

    I am no DJ, but I just don't get it.

  10. that looks like an awesome machine

  11. If you recover your investment in a fair amount of time, I say go for it !

  12. Cheers for all the comments guys. Basically as a pro DJ, this equipment is nothing more than a glorified CD player. I have made back my investment on £1000 worth of equipment in 2 weeks DJ'ing, mainly because I used Pro equipment to begin with so I was able to use the clubs industry standerd decks with ease from the start.
    Winamp to my opinion is impossible. To DJ is to mix, you cannot mix decently on winamp.
    You could not use this for parties as is does not have any other outputs besides the speakers that come with it.
    My decision to buy it was purely to review and experiance, plus it cost SFA.
    I hope this answerd any questions and I hope you enjoy the next review.