Sunday, 31 October 2010

Trust the insight!

Over a month ago I posted a link to a music video, which I labelled as a chart topper...

Time is of the essence!

Due to a hectic schedule i've have decided to merge two of my blogs. As they are both music related this seem like a logical thing to do so expect me post, more info and more free music. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Jamendo is the world's #1 platform for free and legal music downloads. So don't expect to find any of your Top 40 songs here. Available in seven languages, it offers the largest catalog of music under Creative Commons licenses. For artists, it's an easy and efficient way to publish, share and promote their music, and also to make money, through ad revenue sharing and commercial partnerships. If your into new music or unsigned bands then you should have a field day here. Or if you just don't like paying for music you can get some pretty good tracks legally free.


A Pandora style website where music is streamed randomly based on what the listeners like. It's interface is nothing short of painful, in comparison though. It took a few minutes to work it out but basically you have to sign up to use it properly. It's great for finding new music but not if your looking for something specific.
thesixtyone is a nurturing and growing ecosystem where talented folks can sell songs and merchandise directly to their fans. Unlike a record or distribution deal where they only make $1-2 per album (if they ever get paid, that is), artists on thesixtyone make at least $7 per album and are paid every 30 days -- no wait for recoupment and no complex royalty schemes!
There named after Highway 61, a U.S. route that runs along the Mississippi River and marks the origin of American music culture. Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan and B.B. King rode the 61. Elvis grew up in the housing projects along it. Highway 61 was the road by which people left their homes to take their music to the world.


Tiesto Works His Magic For 'DJ Hero 2' Launch

The original "DJ Hero" brought two of the biggest hip-hop artists, Jay-Z and Eminem, together for a special edition of the game. In the sequel, which hit stores on Tuesday (October 19), Activision and Freestyle Games have tapped one of the most popular electronic music producers, Tiësto, to provide new tracks for gamers to master.
"DJ Hero 2" has a broader track list, with a bigger focus on dance music, so Tiësto's involvement was an obvious move for Activision. The publisher asked Tiësto, who provided one track for the original game, to create much more for the sequel. To that end, he recorded an exclusive track, titled "Speed Rail," which he describes as "very fast, uplifting, and it's very easy to put vocals on top."
Tiësto also has two remixes in "DJ Hero 2," including one where he uses Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." Why Gaga? Apparently it's his way of introducing people to his own music. "A lot of kids who buy the game are going to want to remix Lady Gaga," said Tiësto. "Then I put very cool bass lines and dance beats underneath, so they get more of the sound. That's one of the reasons I got involved in 'DJ Hero,' because for me, it's amazing to expose my music to a whole new different crowd who've never even heard of Tiësto, hip-hop people, rock people."
Tiësto's style of music, electronic dance, is just starting to explode here in the U.S., which he attributed to social media. "I think the interest for dance music has always been there," he explained, "but it didn't get exposed to the audience. Thanks to MySpace and Facebook, more people got exposed to it, and finally the big breakthrough is there. You can see it everywhere now, New York, L.A., everywhere there's dance clubs opening up."
In addition to Tiësto, other big stars featured in "DJ Hero 2" include DJ Shadow, RZA, Diplo and A-Trak. The game contains 83 tracks in total, with more coming later by way of downloadable content through Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.
Gameplay-wise, the features from the original "DJ Hero" return, but the sequel also introduces new multiplayer modes. One such mode is called DJ Battle, which allows two players to play through a song, call-and-response style, battling for the best score overall. There's also an improved single-player mode and vocal support if you'd prefer to go the MC route.

"DJ Hero 2" is in stores now for PS3 and Xbox 360.

This is one of my favourite mp3 search engines at the moment. It has a great layout and easy to use interface. Simply search for your file and browse the results for your required mp3. The option to play the file from the site before downloading is a major bonus with this site as well as the playlist option for registered users. You can also sign in with your Facebook account allowing you to share your music easier.
Extra features such as related artist and album art at the side of the search give it that more professional feel. An overall great mp3 search engine, apart from the annoying 'Join us on Facebook' pop-up.


Thursday, 14 October 2010

Another MP3 search engine. It doesn't look that up to date but does offer a lot of MP3's to download, and seems to be used regularly. The major drawback is that you can only download via a toolbar, which is only available on IE so unless you use it I wouldn't say it's worth your time.
I can't seem to find much more about this site and I'm concerned about where the files are hosted. I think it may just want you to download the toolbar.
If you have any experience with this site please leave a comment below.


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Homemix Home DJ Twin Mixer with CDG

Ok so I'm not sure what this is meant to be but considering, what I judge as a standard industry deck, cost 3 times than this entire set-up, it's not going to be good.
First thing that told me this, it's sold in Argos. Now Argos do have some good musical products but this is...well.
The thing I'm getting at here is, not that the product isn't worth it's price tag, but more the name tag. I would put this anywhere near a DJ set up, maybe a Karaoke set-up.

Here's what it comes with:
  • Continuous loop facility with CD music.
  • Program play on CD.
  • 2 channel DJ mixer.
  • Inputs for 1 aux line in and 1 aux out.
  • 2 microphone inputs, 1 with echo control.
All for a price of £139.89.

The main reason for this review rant is that if some parent buys this for the kid who wants to be a DJ, there going to be very disheartened by the fact that will never mix a track on this. DJ equipment is specialised, there is no cheap alternative to perform the required action.

I still might buy one and give it a try though ;) 

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

This is an mp3 search with a twist. You may of seen the Zippy Share Hint I posted recently, well this site offers an mp3 search of Rapidshare. It also has an option to search everything or just verified files. Your search may be limited but I know there are a lot of mp3 files on Rapidshare.


Another mp3 search based website. Very simple and easy to use. Just search from the home screen and select your song for download. It seems to have a lot of files but not as update as I'd like. For your average music downloads you should be fine.


Monday, 11 October 2010

You pick the music!

Hey everyone. Got somthing for you which you may enjoy. My friend, who you may already of heard about has got his own blogger now, pretty new, but it's getting there.

He is doing a mix request that you can take advantage of. I looks like it will be interesting so take a look a see for yourself.

Visit the link to request your song and give ideas for new mixes.

ONE MORE TIME! You need to request it on his blog not mine, i'm not doing the mix =] 


Hey guys, just a quick update, I've just hit 100 followers so thanks to everyone for that, plus thank you for everyone that played the mix in the last post, it is now added to the left sidebar so a quick click of play before you leave would be awesome! I have been really busy lately but will soon be updating the other blog with the list of music sites I posted the other day. And of course I'll be updating here too so keep the comments coming, let me know what you want!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Help a guy out!

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who has clicked so far and everyone who listened. Please keep up the good work.

Hey girls and boys, I've got a favour to ask. Please can you listen to the mix below, it's from a friend of mine, you may of seen his videos posted on here as I'm tryna help him out. He needs 100 views before mid-November, which probably isn't a hard task but your support would help greatly. Just playing the track will help but it would be nice if you listened. You will be rewarded for you time ;) Thank you.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Got Music!?

Ok so this is one big fucking list but i'm sure you can filter through them when you get time. I will be going through everyone link on here and reviewing them on my other blog to make it easier to find what your looking for but for now, here, have fun!

Amiestreet -
ABC (Australian) -
Artists Direct -
Allmusic - -
Bliveshare -
BetaRecords -
BandBuzz -
BetterPropaganda -
Bardo Music -
Blastro -
CdOnlinefree -
ClubMosh (Singapore) -
Cllct -
CopyMyMusic -
Desitouch -
Desmp3 -
Dilandau -
Digitally Imported -
Dizzler -
Deezer - -
Damion Kyng (Indie Rapper)
D.O.E. (Indie Artist)
Epitunes -
Epitonic -
eRockSter -
Escuchalo (Spanish) -
ExtremeMusic -
FlyTunes -
Fairtilizer -
FreeTube (International) - -
FineTune -
FreeMusicZilla -
FeedBleed -
ggplaylist -
GarageBand -
Grooveshark -
Go Video [Codes] -
Gruvr -
Hype Machine -
iHeartMusic -
iVoon -
iLike -
iTunes -
ItsFreeMusic - -
It Breaks -
Jogli -
Jamwave -
Jango -
Jamendo -
JamBuzzer -
Juk -
KeyTone -
Kerevizli -
Kazaa -
Karabit -
LiquidAudio -
LyricsFly -
Liveplasma -
Live365 -
Live Music Archive - -
Muzikdepom -
MusicVideoBay -
MuxTape -
Mixxx -
MixTurtle -
Meemix -
Musicovery -
Movideo (Australian) -
Musique (French) -
Musiclovr -
Mp34u -
Mp3Jackpot -
Muzic -
Mysongcast -
MusicVistas -
Muzic9 -
Magnatune -
Music -
MyBloop -
Mp3eq -
MusicVice -
Mtraks -
MyMusicSite -
Musicbiatch -
Musgle -
Moshable -
Nutsie -
Newgrounds -
Nex2Play -
NikkiBeachMusic - 
Opsound -
OurStage -
Putition -
Phazemp3 -
Project Playlist -
Purevolume -
Pandora - -
Peekatune -
Plorf -
Riffin -
RadioBlogCulb -
RadioTime -
Rithum -
Roxwel -
Ruckus -
Rhapsody -
RockOm -
Sutros - -
Songdir - http://www.songdir.comMysongcast
Squeezebox -
SoundPedia -
Soundflavor -
Sideload -
Slacker -
SeeqPod -
Songerize -
SpiralFrog -
Songza -
Streema -
Sixty Second Hero -
Songlyric -
Staump -
Supernova -
ShareTheMusic -
Spinjay -
Skreemr -
ShoutCast -
SoundClick -
TalTunes -
TranceAddict -
Tehorng -
The Hype Machine -
Tagoo -
Thesixtyone -
The Collective Family -
TV243 -
Unsigned Band Web -
Wiibeez - -
XSite Radio -
YouTube -
YourMp3 -
Y'ALL Wire -
Zune - 

The Bridge

Not being a fan of Abelton kinda nudged me away from this but being a DJ and Producer myself it was a wet dream. 

Ableton and Serato are pleased to announce the release of The Bridge, a software partnership which brings together DJ performance and production. The new tools generated by this partnership emphasize ease and creativity while pushing the boundaries of live performance.

"The Bridge encourages DJs to become producers and producers to become DJs. We can't yet see the limits of where these combined tools will take our users, but it will be exciting to watch," says Ableton CEO Gerhard Behles.

'Ableton Transport Control' allows tight synchronization between Ableton Live and Serato Scratch Live. DJs can control multitrack productions using a turntable or CDJ; pitching, nudging and looping just as with a regular record or CD. It's like having Ableton Live on one of your decks.

The 'Ableton View' in Scratch Live opens a window into Live's Session View, where you can launch clips and scenes, control instruments and devices, mix, mute and solo from Scratch Live. Tight Beatgrid implementation ensures that Ableton Live stays locked to the timing of your DJ set.

Record Serato DJ performances as Ableton Live Sets, complete with song placement and fader movements. Then use Ableton Live's collection of effects, instruments and production tools to edit, enhance and polish the mix.

"It was only through close collaboration between Serato and Ableton developers that we could bring out the best elements of both programs in The Bridge," Nathan Holmberg, Lead Serato Developer for The Bridge explains.

"We worked hard to find the balance between innovation and practicality, giving DJs the freedom to experiment, while maintaining the reliability that we are renowned for."

There is a free trial available on the site but you obviously need some other software/hardware to use it.

You can now follow me!

Due to a design error the 'Follow' option disappeared up it's own arse but thankfully I have it back. Please follow the blog before you leave to get all the latest post before anyone else.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Free Music - Featured

Ok so every DJ needs to have the latest music and places to get it, well instead of posting about it I decided to devote an entire blog to it. A place for free music, streaming music and music downloads, as well as info topics.

Check it out, it's pretty new but i'm working on covering as much as I can in the next few weeks.


UPDATE: Sorry about the 'Following' problem, it was a design error on my part but I have fixed it now. If your not already, please follow the blog, thank you and sorry again for the mix up.

Monday, 4 October 2010


Allen & Heath has unveiled the Xone:DB4, which they describe as a ground-breaking fully digital, high performance DJ mixer with a unique Quad FX Core DSP engine, providing 4 FX BPM Loop record engines with channel EQ filters. Other key features are multi-channel USB audio with MIDI, analogue and digital I/O, input source matrix, easy to read OLED display screen, and USB for recalling user set ups. Here's what A&H have to say...

The heart of the Xone:DB4 is the powerful Quad FX Core DSP engine, enabling each channel to have its own FX bank and BPM detection system, which automatically adjusts all time-related FX and loops to the tempo of the music. There are 5 basic studio quality FX types optimised for DJ use, comprising delays, reverbs, modulators, resonators and damage, plus each FX type has a patch library of different effect variations that can be assigned to the relevant control. Each FX bank has a dedicated expression control and a rotary pot to set the wet/dry level, whilst further effect tweaking can be performed using the global controllers in the FX master section.

In addition to the FX, each channel has a built-in looper, with selectable loop length from 1/64 beat to 4 bars using the rotary encoder.No matter what loop length is selected, the Xone:DB4 will always record the maximum of 4 bars, so the loop can be expanded or shrunk at will. With an intuitive layout similar to the industry standard Xone:92, there are also two filter banks on either side of the main mix channels.

Each music channel can select any of the available stereo audio sources: Analogue Line 1-4 (switchable to Phono on 2 - 3), Digital 1-4, or USB 1-4. Additionally, the Mic/Auxiliary channel can be routed through channel 1 for further processing.

Each music channel has a 3-band EQ that can be configured as standard asymmetric EQ (+6/-25dB), total Kill (+6dB/OFF with a 24dB/octave slope), or reconfigured as a High-Pass/Low-Pass filter system with adjustable resonance. The EQ knobs incorporate an illuminated pointer that changes colour as a visual aid to show which type of equalization has been selected.

There is a Mic/Auxiliary input to the left of the main mixer section, providing 2-band EQ, gain, cue, and mix level. This can also be routed to channel 1 if you wish to add FX to this channel. To the right of the main mixer is the master section, with main mix level, booth level, and headphone monitoring system.

The OLED display is clearly visible even in bright sunlight, and displays each channel FX selection and current BPM, as well as being an easy and intuitive interface for the Menu set up functions. The mixer offers many user defined settings, such as meter mode, BPM range, USB audio routing scheme, display brightness, in addition to the extensive built-in FX library, and these settings can be saved to a USB key for recall on another unit, such as in a fixed club installation.

There is a built-in, multi-channel USB2 soundcard allowing replay and recording from computer-based audio software for 4 stereo sends and 4 stereo returns. All controls (except Mic and Phones level) send MIDI data but the mixer can double up as a MIDI controller via the MIDI shift button, which allows the Loop and FX selection controls to send MIDI data without changing the mixer settings.

The Xone:DB4 has a new stylish, lightweight aluminium chassis designed to make touring with the console easy. Other features include assignable deck starts, crossfader and upfader curve controls, 13-point level metering, digital output, analogue balanced outputs for main mix and booth, and a record output with adjustable level.

"The Xone:DB4 is a truly ground-breaking mixer and by far the most advanced product that we have designed. Every feature has been meticulously researched with a view to offering DJ's ultimate creativity," comments Xone design manager, Andy Rigby-Jones. "Based on the iLive pro-touring FX system, we developed FX algorithms with BPM conscious parameters and tight spectral control, customised to perfectly fit the DJ environment. As the loops and FX are automatically synchronised to the tempo of the song, it is very easy to build some amazing grooves and soundscapes without problems of latency, low fidelity and the general hassle often associated with using software and laptops. The icing on the cake is the flexible input matrix, where any audio source can be selected on any or all of the channels. Different processing can be applied to the same track on separate channels and you can fade between them, or a phrase sampled in the looper of one channel can be added to the mix later in the track. Our digital design team has done an incredible job to ensure that this is one of the most innovative and exciting DJ mix tools to date."

With Pandora you can explore this vast trove of music to your heart's content. Just drop the name of one of your favorite songs or artists into Pandora and let the Genome Project go. It will quickly scan its entire world of analyzed music, almost a century of popular recordings - new and old, well known and completely obscure - to find songs with interesting musical similarities to your choice. Then sit back and enjoy as it creates a listening experience full of current and soon-to-be favorite songs for you. 

It's a shame it's not available for people outside the US anymore, well unless you know how to use a proxy. Still one of my favourite music sites where I have spent hours playing through it.

10/10 is a music recommendation service. You use by signing up and downloading The Scrobbler, which helps you discover more music based on the songs you play. The Scrobbler also works with the site that was mention in a previous post so if you use one or the other you should think about combining the two find a lot of songs you may not of known about.


Friday, 1 October 2010

Knowing what to look for!

It's right in front of you but you have to know what your looking for.

Let me explain. There are hundreds of hosting sites out there, many hosting mp3 files. Now i'm sure some of you have seen this before but may not have clicked on. When you type a song name into Google, 9 times out of 10 it will auto-complete with the word 'zippyshare' at the end. 

This is because of the vast amount of people searching for the same thing.

Zippy Share is a file hosting service from which you can preview and download mp3 files.

Get where i'm going with this?

Search for your file and type 'zippyshare' at the end to locate that file within the hosting site. Try this out with other file hosting sites if you cannot find what you want.

Again, if the file is not free to download I will not be held responsible for your actions.

Some of you may know about the Google Search hacks which allow you to access the files of unsecure sites. Well has automated this for you. It is a simple site which allows you to search for any mp3 file through Google.
By simply typing in the artist name or song, or both, it adds the complicated part of the equation for you and searches Google for your file.
It may take some time to browse the sites for your file but when you find what you want, it's a simple right-click and save job!


How to rip music from streaming websites

First things first. I do not endorse stealing music. This is to show how the most secure sites still have major flaws that easily allow their content to be downloaded, if you know what your doing.

Ok, so assuming you know what streaming is we can begin.

There is only two things you will need for this.

The first is Cache Viewer. Cache Viewer allows you to see the files being downloaded to your cache when you are streaming content. This can be seen in Firefox anyway by searching for your cache folder in your profile. But this addon makes it so simple.

Get it here!

The second thing you need is a website that streams audio. This also works with video but we'll stick to music for now. To find audio streaming websites you can click the Streaming link to your right and choose your favourite.

Now for the finale! When you have found your streaming site, select a song to play and open Cache Viewer. You may find it hard to find the file at first but you will pick it up quickly. The easiest way to find the file is to order by Last Fetched. As long as your not viewing loads of other sites the file should be at the top, marked Audio/MPEG under the MIME Type.

Wait for it to finish streaming then find the file. Right click it and select Save As. You should save the file as .mp3 or it will not open. Once finished simply find the song where you saved it a play it!

The biggest perk to this is the fact that the download takes as long as your internet takes to stream it, which is some cases can be a matter of seconds!

If you have any problems with this please ask and I will help you as much as I can.

Remember, downloading music without permission is illegal, I will not be held responsible for the misuse of this information.

To put it simply, the Hype Machine keeps track of what music bloggers write about. They handpick a set of kickass music blogs and then present what they discuss for easy analysis, consumption and discovery. This way, your odds of stumbling into awesome music or awesome blogs are high.

I use this site daily as it offers the newest music everyday. As a DJ I find loads of future hits via this site. It also offers the option to download and buy the songs through 3 or more major online stores with ease.


we7 is an outstanding new music destination where you can listen to, share and discover music for FREE, legally and safely. You choose the music you want to hear and play full songs and albums online, on-demand at anytime. They also offer you the ability to buy the music you love in high quality mp3 downloads which you can play on iPods and most other digital players.

It is, in my opinion, the best music streaming service out there at present, I suggest you take a look if you want for music 100% legally.


BeeMP3 Toolbar

If you like the BeeMP3 Website you can also get an easy to use toolbar for Firefox. It has the same basic function but in toolbar form.
It is only small and is always there when you need to find a song.
I currently use the toolbar and i'm not a big fan of toolbars!

You can download the toolbar here!


BeeMP3 is a music search engine for locating mp3-audio files over the Internet.
They don't host any files on the site, they use a crawler to search through the internet and index all the brand new and popular songs for your browsing pleasure.
At time of writing they have 800,000 mp3 files in there search database and approximately 10,000 files are added daily.