Monday, 11 October 2010


Hey guys, just a quick update, I've just hit 100 followers so thanks to everyone for that, plus thank you for everyone that played the mix in the last post, it is now added to the left sidebar so a quick click of play before you leave would be awesome! I have been really busy lately but will soon be updating the other blog with the list of music sites I posted the other day. And of course I'll be updating here too so keep the comments coming, let me know what you want!


  1. Cool, congratz, and you know what, when you reach more than 100 followers, other people are more willing to follow you because they realize that this is a good blog. But return the favor and be a good follower! =)

  2. Congratulations dude, keep up the good work =]

  3. woo congrats man. returning the love